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Frequently Asked Questions



What do I need to bring to the tax appointment?

You should bring your W2, 1099, and any other tax documents. If you are a new client, you should also bring a copy of your most recently filed tax return. A more complete list can be found on What to Bring. Back to top

Where's my refund?

You will be able to track the status of both your federal and state refund privately and securely. Have your tax return handy as you click on Track My Refund. Back to top

How much will the tax preparation cost?

The cost of tax preparation is based upon the complexity of your tax situation. It is very difficult to quote a price without a thorough review of your tax history. Please call the office to schedule a consultation. Back to top

Are you accepting new clients?

New client referrals are always appreciated. Back to top

Where are you located?

We are located near Whittier College off the 5 and 605 freeways. For our address, you can view Contact Us. Back to top

How do I request a copy of my last year's return?

Call the office and a staff member can assist you. After we have confirmed your identity through key pieces of information, we can pull your return from the archives and mail you a copy for a nominal fee. Back to top

What is the privacy policy of the firm?

We restrict access to information about you to those employees who need to know the information to provide products or services to you. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information. Back to top

Tax Preparation

What is the tax filing deadline?

March 15th - Corporation returns
April 15th - Personal, sole proprietorship, partnership, and LLC returns Back to top

How do I request more time to file my taxes?

Call the office and we can assist you to request an extension of time to file. Keep in mind that the extension applies only to filing at a later point in time; you must still pay your taxes by the original filing deadline to avoid penalties and interest. Back to top

Should I still file my tax returns if I don't have any money to pay the taxes?

You should always file your tax returns on time to avoid the failure to file penalty (ranges up to 25% of the taxes owed). If you can't pay in a lump sum, we arrange a monthly installment agreement with the IRS so that you can pay your taxes over a period of time. Back to top

What if I have not filed my tax returns for several years?

We have the knowledge and experience to assess your situation and bring you back into the tax system safely. All necessary returns can be filed to bring you into full compliance. Back to top

How can we prepare my taxes if I have lost or misplaced my tax documents?

For a nominal fee, your tax records can be obtained directly from the Internal Revenue Service for any year except the current tax year. Back to top

If I am separated or in the process of divorce, can I file separately from my spouse?

To protect yourself legally, you should file Married Filing Separately as opposed to Married Filing Jointly. Accordingly, the spouse does not need to be present at the tax appointment. Back to top

Will you be able to continue to be our accountant if we move to another state?

We have clients all over the United States. Each year, you can mail your tax documents to the office and we will conduct the interview over the phone. Back to top

Starting a Business

How do I start a business?

Starting a business is easier than you might think. All you need is an idea and the gumption to follow your dreams. We will guide through the technical issues of setting up your business. Back to top

What is the difference between a sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, LLC, and other business entities?

With so many different types of business entities, it can seem overwhelming when you're trying to decide which direction to take your company. Each of these business types has it own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to taxes, protection from creditors, operations, and other areas. Before you make a move, remember that evaluating your needs and understanding these forms of business entities could be the difference between success and failure. Consult a professional at Legend Tax today. Back to top

Audit Representation

What do I do if I have received a letter from the IRS?

Fax the IRS letter to our office so that we may assess the scope and prepare a plan of action. Back to top

How can I avoid being audited?

We can structure your tax situation to minimize your audit exposure. However, there is no way to completely avoid an audit as some audits are conducted at random. Back to top

How long do I keep my documents?

Generally, you should keep your tax documents and receipts for 3 years from the date of filing (i.e. when the statue of limitations expires). In cases of significant unreported income, the statute of limitations extends to 6 tax years. If there IRS can prove fraud, the statute of limitations never expires. Back to top